Proposed Eko Atlantic City

The new city of Eko Atlantic is the most impressive urban development project in Nigeria. Eko Atlantic will be a new home to 250,000 people and the workplace of another 150,000. The nine square kilometre development will have waterfront areas, tree-lined streets, efficient transport systems and mixed-use plots that combine residential areas with leisure facilities, offices and shops. Eko Atlantic will enhance the status of Lagos and create a new and stronger financial hub for the whole of West Africa. Imagine Eko Atlantic If you visit Lagos today, the pressure on space is obvious; Eko Atlantic will be very different indeed: · Instead of a severe shortage of space for development, there will be room to grow. Eko Atlantic offers millions of square metres of prime development land, available to acquire now, for African and international investors to help build a truly remarkable new city. · Instead of snarling traffic jams and travel chaos, the streets of Eko Atlantic will be clear. Traffic will flow freely, even in commuter rush hours. - The planners have allowed for the maximum possible number of off-street parking areas, with residential and office parking lots in the lower levels of buildings in all districts. The size of buildings is limited by the potential for parking spaces and there will be plenty of park and ride facilities; ad hoc street parking will not be permitted. - The extensive network of public transport – a tramway and a waterway – will link with public transport points on Victoria Island and into the rest of Lagos.
· Instead of the claustrophobic city environment of Lagos, Eko Atlantic will provide dramatic views over the Atlantic Ocean, clear, tree-lined streets and open spaces. Each district of the new city will have a well-designed mix of residential developments, offices and commercial buildings, shops, bars and restaurants. Facilities for socialising for business or pleasure will always be just around the corner, creating a safe atmosphere for people to live, work and play. · Instead of the frequent power cuts, water shortages and communications breakdowns that are well known in Lagos, Eko Atlantic will have uninterrupted services. The power generation plant, sewage treatment facilities and fresh water supply will be unrivalled in West Africa. Communications have also been made a priority – both for local networking and international commerce.

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