New Residential development in Lagos, Nigeria by Marco Acerbis Architetto

The project objective is to create a safe and warm residential environment protected from the outside world where it is possible to enjoy quiet and leisurely living overlooking Lagos lagoon and where tropical climate conditions are mitigated by correct building shape and exposure to the elements. Large window openings with elegant external shading structures are envisaged to allow for good quality natural light.

Architect: Marco Acerbis Architetto
Name of Project: New Residential development
Location: Banana Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Area: 7690 mq
Client: Private
Software used: Rhino
The building environment is controlled by both mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation. Balconies are open to the wind and internal full height courtyards break the building mass creating voids where cool air can naturally flow.

Courtesy: Sumit Singhal

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