Mansions in Nigeria (Pictures)

Nigeria is a country where opulence, and poverty live side by side. And since the media has become so addicted to showing only the worst parts of the country - I decided to dig deep, and share pictures of some of the opulent side of Nigeria.

Here are pictures of some mansions in Nigeria:

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  1. its good such things are shown to the world for them to compare and contrass. the bad image that is been previewed abroad about nigeria is not well regarded to any foreign national who has been conversant with nigeria and its people.they count us as people who live on 1 dollar per day but its a lie.ordinary a wheel barrow pusher or truck pisher earns not less than 10 or more dollars a day. bricklayers takes more than 10 dollars per day, therefore its high time all this insults about our great country nigeria should stop. we are a rich country endowed with mineral resources. if not our leaders none of us should go abroad to look for greener pastures because our country has every thing.I love nigeria


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