Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos (Pictures)

Located on Lekki Peninsula, the nature park which covers a land area of 78 hectare is one of Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) foremost conservation project sites. The centre which was established in 1990 to serve as biodiversity conservation icon and environment education centre, is a laudable concept that has made the park one of the few natural environment relics within Lagos city.
The Lekki Conservation Centre which is located across the street from the Chevron complex on Lekki Peninsula – normally a 15 minute drive, is under the management of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and it consists of swamp and savannah habitats.
Visitors are ushered into the reserve by a boulevard of coconut trees which leads to a well laid out car and Visitors Park. The reserve is a resort which provides the serenity and beauty of nature in a world class environment.
There is a cone-shaped building which serves as the auditorium for lectures, conferences, and seminars. First timers to the resort have the opportunity of seeing rare collection of beautiful pictures of endangered species of animals and plants arranged in glass stands around the oval hall.
The reserve has 1.8km nature trail behind the main buildings in which you are ushered in by two wooden tracks. A death-defying 21 metre-high tree platform known as the tree house where you can have a panoramic view of the reserve, visitor’s center, picnic area and children’s playground among the trees and a bird hide overlooking a swamp/marsh which is home to crocodiles and monitor lizards.
In the trees are Mona monkeys and other species of monkeys while the open grasslands are home to bushbucks, Maxwell’s duikers, giant rats, hogs, mongooses and an impressive variety of birdlife. Park rangers are available to be your guide into the reserve.

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  1. As someone who cares a lot and is passionate about sustaining our environment, biodiversity and nature this is a step in the right direction. Kudos to those responsible for establishing and maintaining the centre, a deserve every support to sustain the centre. This along with our other nature parks should be used to promote tourism in Nigeria.


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