Ikogosi Warm Spring, Ekiti State (Pictures)

Ikogosi is a small quiet town in Ekiti West Local Government area of Ekiti State, which has been catapulted to national and international limelight because of the presence of warm and cold springs flowing side by side in the town. The spring is known as the Ikogosi Warm Spring. The spring is a source of life for the people of the town and a source of revenue for the Ekiti State Government.

There are many mysterious tales toward the flowing and origin of the springs. One being that the springs were wives of the same husband, whom after much rivalry and fighting, were turned into water springs; one, the fiery-ill tempered wife as the warm spring, and the cool tempered wife as the cold spring, whereas the surrounding hilly areas became the husband. Another myth says a powerful hunter, who was hunting for animals in the bush, discovered the warm spring.

After the discovery, the people of the town discovered that the warm water was curative, curing many diseases among them. Hence, the people started to worship the water. This was the situation until the 1960s when the late Nigerian educator and author, Tai Solarin heard about the spring and brought his students to the place for excursion. It was Tai Solarin that started the publicity for the warm spring before Rev. MacGee of the Baptist Church arrived to establish a student camp near to the area. It was Rev. Macgee who built a chapel (now the Conference Hall) and hostels (now Macgee Camp chalets) at the resort.


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