First Eko Atlantic City Skyscraper is Under Construction. Eko Pearl. Model (Pictures)

Eko Pearl, being built by Eko Pearl Nig. Ltd in association with *ESLA Int, is a 24 story residential tower located on the harbor front in Lagos' brand new city, "Eko Atlantic." Residents of this brand new luxury tower will be able to enjoy uninterrupted views of the water as they take in the endless breeze from the ocean.

In addition to living in the newest prime area of Lagos, residents will enjoy first class infrastructure facilities, including: uninterrupted power, water, and security services. Amenities in Eko Pearl, in addition to what Eko Atlantic city will offer, will also include a swimming pool and tennis courts.

The tower sits in a self contained area with safe and secure parking. It is just under 500 meters away from the financial center of Lagos.

The location is close enough to not have to endure long drives to work, but far enough to enjoy the splendor of quiet living.


Under ground or Ground floor parking for Apartments.
Storage space for each apartment.


SPA, Swimming pool,Plantation, lighting, paving, fence, ,

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