Eko Towers, Victoria Island - Under Construction

This week, Technal is taking you to the Eko Towers building site in Lagos, Nigeria…

Eko Towers is an 18-storey skyscraper with an impressive 7000 m² of Technal curtain walling which, on completion, will be used as an office building by the Total oil company.

Technal’s “Unitized” frame curtain wall (panels manufactured and glazing bonded in the workshop), which is fitted with indigo-coloured “SSG” (Structural Sealent Glazing), is currently being installed. With its thermal break, this façade is an innovation in Africa and will provide the end user with a high-performance building.

In terms of the project’s progress, 400 of the planned 1700 panels measuring 1.2 x 3.65 m have so far been installed by ITB, a local metal builder based in Abuja (Nigeria), at a rate equivalent to 18 panels per day.

The Eko Towers building which, due to its scale, is a building emblem for Technal in Africa, should be delivered to Total for the installation of its offices in March 2011.

Name: Eko Towers
Use: Office
Status: Under Construction
Floors: 19F

Courtesy: Tbite Skyscrapercity

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