Ceddi Plaza, Abuja

Ceddi Plaza is an ultra-modern shopping mall with 55 specialty shops, offices and service providers consisting of movie theaters, a bookstore, champagne lounge etc. Opened officially in November 2005, Ceddi Plaza is celebrated as the premier centre for shopping and entertainment in the city of Abuja. 
The aura and the energy of Ceddi Plaza gives you an exotic feel-the same way you feel when you are in a mall abroad. From Barcel√≥’s to the dentist shop and then to the Apple Shop, everything about Ceddi Plaza makes you feel exotic. With an underground car park, a basement and 10,000 square metres of retail and corporate space, the plaza has a tenant mix that is made up of three floors of retail businesses(eateries, entertainment, fashion boutiques and services) and three floors of corporate office space.
An imposing structure that has become one of the landmarks of Abuja, Ceddi Plaza is really a small business town. There is an in house cinema, shops, offices, photo studio, clubs, restaurants and ATMs. Other services and stores available at Ceddi Plaza include restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques, shoes, accessories, home interior design stores, furnishings, health & beauty salons, gift shops, telephones, banking and ATMs, dry cleaning services, a dental office, pharmacy, photo studio, children’s entertainment, events hall etc.


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